Medical Student Research Fellowship

The Wayne State University School of Medicine has an established Medical Student Research Fellowship program. A mentored research fellowship can be applied for along with your WSU faculty mentor as well as with mentors at Henry Ford Hospital. The mentored research may be in a basic science research program, clinical/outcomes or other scholarly studies. All research is to be performed under the mentorship of a Wayne State SOM faculty member, adjunct faculty member, or HFHS faculty.

Fact Sheet:

Applications will open again in February 2025.

Awarded students will receive a stipend of $3,000 for their research during this semester. The faculty sponsor stipend is $1,000 and must be paid into an appropriate WSU or HFHS account.

Briefly, the steps to apply to the Medical Student Research Fellowship are:

  1. You choose a WSU- or HFH-associated research mentor with whom to study. In an effort to increase the opportunities for students who wish to perform clinical or outcomes research, we are expanding our pool of mentors to include adjunct WSU faculty at affiliated hospitals.
  2. Students in collaboration with their selected mentor are to prepare a description of the research project. Guidelines will be available on our website, or by request from the Office of Medical Student Research.
  3. Applications are due in the Office of Medical Student Research on a specific date (see email updates)
  4. Projects should be scheduled to begin on April 10 and completed by Labor Day.

Major stipulations imposed for competing for the MSRF fellowships are:

  • The student research should be a project designed for you to learn and participate in the approach to medical research, including formulating a hypothesis, experimental design and executing the work (as well as analyzing the results) within the designated fellowship window.
  • That the sponsoring mentor must have an official appointment with Wayne State University or in the Henry Ford Health System (e.g. full-time or adjunct faculty appointment).
  • All application should be in the format described in the guidelines accompanied with this document.

Submission Guidelines 

RESEARCH PROJECT: To be completed by applicant after consultation with the Research Sponsor. Provide a narrative description of the proposed research project by addressing each item in the outline below. The project should be amenable to work performed in the designated timeframe of the fellowship.

FORMATTING GUIDELINES: (Use 11 point font; limit to 2 single spaced pages not including references.) Please note: Cutting & pasting of mentor's grant proposal(s) will not be accepted for review.
A. Hypothesis and specific aims.
B. Previous work related to this problem by others and by your mentor (cite references).
C. Significance of proposed research.
D. Research plan (include experimental design and methods).
E. Role of Student in the project (mandatory)
F. References (not included in the two page limit)