MD/MS Program

The Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science in Medical Research will be an option for students wishing to have a deeper immersion in research. The MD/MS program aims to provide education and training in basic and or clinical research. This is a joint degree program between the School of Medicine's Medical Education (MD) program and the Master of Science in Medical Research program housed in the SOM. This joint degree program will be offered through integrated activities of the School of Medicine's Office of Biomedical Graduate Programs and the Medical Students Research Office.

The MD/MS program will require students and mentor to develop a hypothesis driven research program. Also a thesis will be required based on the original research.

Admission Requirements:

Students applying to the MD/MS program must be second or third year students in good standing in the SOM MD Program. Applicants must also meet the requirements for graduate school.

Curriculum Requirements:

The Wayne State SOM has an established and comprehensive set of competences and institutional learning objectives for the Medical Doctor program. The curriculum requirements of the MD program will be unchanged.

The Medical Doctor/Masters of Science program will have a 30 credit requirement including 8 credits for the Master's thesis. Also required will be at least two core courses from a number of different subject areas and elective courses sufficient to complete the degree requirements in accordance with a plan of work. A total of 12 credits from the MD program will be counted toward the MD/MS degree. This individualized program will be developed in consultation with a thesis advisor and approved by the Program Director.