Scholarly Concentrations

The Scholarly Concentrations Pilot Program is now in progress!

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Information Session Recording from December 11, 2020 
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What are Scholarly Concentrations?

Scholarly Concentrations (SC) are longitudinal programs of study that parallel the core medical curriculum and are designed to foster self-directed and experiential learning through mentorship. The SC's are optional curricular experiences that create an individualized academic experience for students to explore subjects (both medical and non-medical) in-depth beyond the conventional medical school curriculum. SC's involve an in-depth literature review and analysis of existing data in an area specifically chosen by students. In addition, SC's include a required, student generated academic product (e.g. poster, formal presentation, written thesis, other).

Purpose and Goals: 

The purpose of Scholarly Concentrations is to allow academic enhancement, skill development, and career exploration by cultivating habits of scholarly research and inquiry. Through individualized and self-directed learning paired with engaged mentorship, students participating in SC's will develop skills related to analytic, creative, and critical thinking to excel in areas of academic medicine, community based practice, health care policy or emerging technologies with a goal of fostering curiosity, indepence, leadership, and discovery.

Scholarly Concentration Areas:

  • Basic Biomedical Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Public Health, Advocacy and Community Engagement
  • Global Health
  • Medical Education
  • Women's Health
  • Urban and Environmental Health (CURES)

Application and Participation Requirements