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The primary role of The Office of Medical Student Research will be to provide coordination, support and reporting of scholarly opportunities for undergraduate medical students. The office will track successes and outcomes for undergraduate medical student research. The office will coordinate and serve as a portal for other existing programs focused on enhancing the research enterprise for our undergraduate medical students.

Some assistance the OMSR provides

  • Maintain a list of faculty research opportunities for medical students. The office maintaining an up to date as possible databases of potential faculty member that want to be scholarly mentors for medical students.
  • Highlight specific extramural grants/support programs that Wayne State students may apply to or have successfully received awards, especially those at the state and national level.
  • Serve as a gateway for the application process for medical student participating in scholarly activities.
  • Provide support for students in the preparation the experimental design for their scholarly proposal. Once a project is under way the office can also provide liaison for support for statistical analysis and other evaluative measures.
  • The office provides the administrative structure and support for the Medical Student Research Fellowship.
  • Maintain reports on student scholarly project data.¬† Provide assistance in analyzing results and developing reports on student scholarly outcomes including, but not restricted to, local, regional and national presentations, awards, and publications.
  • Coordinate activities that involve payments for students, faculty, travel and research awards.
  • Provide support in the coordination of the Medical Student Research Symposia.

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