Research in the Curriculum

The Office of Medical Student Research was established to address an important element in medical education, the integration of more scholarly activity into the curriculum. The primaryrole of the Office of Medical Student Research is to provide infrastructure and support so that undergraduate medical students have every opportunity to participate in a wide range of scholarly opportunities in Wayne State School of Medicine's scholarly community. The office provides a centralized poitn of support for medical students who wish to participate in scholarly activities. A major goal of the Medical Student Research Office is to provide medical studentss with connectivity to the scholarly community so that they can easily integrate a mentored scholarly experience into their medical training. The office will also serve as a portal for other existing programs focused on enhancing the scholarly enterprise for our undergratuate medical students.

Wayne State SOM offers a program for scholarly activity that may be integrated throughout the curriculum. There are three major components of this program: (1) Research elective (2) Selecting a Mentor (scholarly concentration students), and (3) Conducting a Mentored Scholarly Project.


Role of the OMSR in this program

  1. The scholarly elective Course.

The scholarly elective course will be established by the SOM Curriculum Committee and presented by the SOM faculty. The content may include; Introduction to Research and scholarly activity ;  Basic, Clinical and Public/Population Health studies; Ethics in Biomedical Research and the Informed Consent Process; Roles of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Fundamentals of Experimental Design, Data Analysis and Biostatistics.

  1. Selecting A Mentor

Students selecting the "Research Track" will be required to seek and select a research mentor. The goal is to provide a structured mentor/mentee relationship to develop an individualized research program. Students will be guided in how to select a mentor as well as defining the role of the research mentor. The mentor/mentee will be expected to develop an individualized research plan. The MSRO maintains a list of faculty that have agreed to serve as mentors for this program. Seebelow.

  1. Conducting the Biomedical Research Project

The research plan will be developed by the student in consultation with their mentor. The scholarly activity will be conducted in an integrated fashion throughout the curriculum. Tangible goals and outcomes of the individualized research project will be defined and a timeline for progress reports will be developed. Participation in other activities will be developed as an agreement with the faculty mentor or mentoring team.